Industrial Chiller & Air Handler Rentals

As with any school system our funds are always tight and scrutinized by many. Our rep. from Texas Chillers worked with me to get the best price possible on a machine that would fit our needs. After a little piping and wiring we now have a solid, reliable chiller for a very small investment. For their great customer service and ease of the transaction I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon them in the future for my spare/backup/temporary replacement chiller needs. From Chilled WaterSystems for office buildings to Low-Temperature Glycol Cooling Systemsfor manufacturing processes, we are your mechanical equipment solutions partner.

Fiberglass and galvanized ooling towers provide 85°F cooling water for machine hydraulics, water-cooled condensers, heat exchangers and other applications. The water-cooled screw chiller delivers stellar real-world energy efficiency and superior performance for comfort cooling applications. Industrial chillers are commonly used refrigeration equipment in the industrial refrigeration industry. They are characterized by a wide variety of models, complete models, affordable prices, and can be customized and have a wide range of applications.

Chillers cool the spindle of the machine as it produces the part and cools the liquid being sprayed on part itself as it is being turned on the spindle. Chillers keep machinery at ambient temperature during the cutting process. Chillers remove the heat generated by the printing rollers and also cool down the paper after it comes out of the ink drying ovens. The advantages of VPF systems are directly related to the pumping concepts described above.

This makes it an excellent choice when compared to other secondary refrigerants such as sodium chloride brines, propylene glycols, ethylene, methanol or glycerin. Another advantage to using a chilled water system to provide climate control is that water cooled chillers typically last longer than air cooled chillers. This is due to the fact that the air cooled chiller is installed outdoors, whereas the water cooled chiller is installed indoors. Additionally, if it is well insulated, there’s no practical distance limitation to the length of a chilled water pipe. Rite-Temp manufactures water chillers and glycol chillers for a wide range of industrial and commercial cold water chiller applications. We specialize in industrial water chillers, commercial water chillers and much more.

Plastics & Rubber Industry Chiller

For a fraction of the cost you can purchase a Chillking industrial water cooler with water to air heat exchangers in most any size, from 2 tons to 400 tons. If you need to cool your fluid to outdoor temperature, dry coolers save money, for a fraction of the cost you have a very economical cooling system. Chillking can build any size or shape, in addition we build a two-step hybrid system that first uses the dry cooler then it uses the refrigeration portion for the final cooling. Air cooled chillers are typically used in smaller scale buildings because these systems require a larger ductwork system.

General Air Products offers a line of air cooled chillers tailored to the needs of medical imaging applications like MRI cooling, CT Scan cooling, LINAC cooling and more. Our air cooled chillers are designed to be ‘plug and play’ for ease of operation. The plug and play design closed loop systems are designed to minimize maintenance costs lowering the lifetime cost of the unit. The majority of regular maintenance that needs to be performed on an air cooled chiller is the cleaning of the condenser, maintaining water PH level of 7, and ensuring proper air flow around the unit is maintained. By pumping coolant through your process, a commercial chiller prevents the heat generated by your operations from raising the temperature in the grow room. Surna’s experience in designing and creating environmental control equipment specifically for the cannabis industry makes us the ideal source for your grow facility chiller.