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When changing only the differential bearings, measure and compare the peak of the new and old bearing meeting. The ball bearing 21 is locked in the crankcase by the ring 22. An oil deflector 20 is located between the bearing and the crankcase. Maintenance of the rear axle with wheel reducers of UAZ-469 and UAZ-3151 autos. Purpose and necessities for the clutch of the car. Calculation of the clutch shaft and the hub of the slave disk.

Front axle UAZ Patriot, mounted on a spring suspension with further shock absorbers, is designed to put in steering knuckles. The construction of the beam has a gearbox with a differential, which allows the transmission and distribution of torque between the front wheels. It looks like a hole beam, during which two axle shafts are located.

Thanks to the usual construction, diagnostics and handbook transmission bulkheads will turn out to be operational and simple procedures. Dismantling gearboxes is considered the second stage, with out which it’s difficult to think about a contemporary qualified restore of manual transmissions of all UAZ models. ⦁Unqualified upkeep – unauthorized gearbox bulkhead could cause poor-quality twisting of the mechanisms.

In this case, you have to be sure that she has dependable help. For example, a metal body or a sturdy beam ceiling. The structure should simply help the weight of your car.

Make further noise insulation for the engine compartment. When changing the interior, substitute the chairs with anatomical ones with a enough variety of adjustments and even heating. The steering wheel and stove are refined. It is healthier to replace the latter with a modern one that meets the requirement of comfort. A cigarette lighter appeared on the panel reverse the passenger seat. The steering wheel is fixed rigidly and with out changes, however the presence of the power steering makes it easier to drive.

Fits all Lada Niva and Classic Lada with a 5-speed gearbox. UAZ 469 is likely considered one of the most popular models from UAZ, so the website has a big variety of these car elements. What category of UAZ 469 used components are you interested in? Engine or brake methods, air conditioning/heating techniques, or maybe transmissions, lighting systems, bodywork repairs or one thing else?

After that, you can remove the physique from the automotive. The subsequent step is to disassemble the gearbox stages, examine all parts of the mechanism for wear, replace non-functional elements with new ones. The look of these problems should be carried out diagnostics of the system to accurately identify the trigger of the failure. Repair of the UAZ gearbox, and will also contribute to the high-quality renewal of performance. It is really helpful to trust the specialists to hold out this procedure.

Do you need new elements on your UAZ Hunter? UAZ gearbox bearing kit Then select original products produced by UAZ Hunter, so you presumably can make sure that you may be buying the greatest quality. Used elements are many occasions cheaper than new components at the dealer. With second-hand parts, you may save more than half compared to the model new worth. As you’ll find a way to see the scheme of the cooling system of the UAZ Buanka is quite easy. It is definitely repaired, and damaged gadgets change without much issue.

Thus, you first must buy oil for the internal combustion engine and front axle. It can be worth listening to security. The automotive must all the time be equipped with a working hearth extinguisher and a first-aid package, which can include the complete set of necessary medicines. In the event of a fireplace or an accident, this can help preserve the well being of the driver and passengers, forestall harm, and in some instances save life. As for the gasoline version of the engine, the issues are the identical as for any ZMZ 409.

Adjusting the UAZ Patriot bridge is a somewhat long and time-consuming process, which incorporates many nuances that should be constantly followed in order to avoid issues throughout repairs. A distinctive function of the entrance axle is the presence of steering knuckles. To transmit torque to the wheel mechanisms, regardless of their angle of rotation, the producer equipped the axle shafts with a CV joint. A well-seated UAZ on both gearboxes of collective farm bridges is practically inconceivable to drag off with another UAZ of the same type . Incorrect facet clearance within the meshing of the final drive gears.

With an increase in floor clearance, the soundness of the automotive is misplaced when cornering. As a outcome, when getting into a corner at excessive velocity, there’s a high chance of rollover. To enhance the cross-country ability, further stabilization elements are being installed.

It ought to be famous separately the elevated gas consumption of the engine in urban situations, which the prudent manufacturer preferred to keep silent about in the technical specs. However, skilled drivers name the quantity up to 20 liters. Therefore, motorists wishing to save lots of on gasoline equip the UAZ Hunter with a diesel unit.